What Should You Know About Choosing a Listing Agent?

Dated: September 16 2022

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One of the most crucial choices you will make when you are ready to sell real estate is selecting the right listing agent for you and your family. While a less-than-stellar agent could make the process harder on you (and your wallet) than it must be, a good agent can assist you in navigating the buying process with the least amount of stress. When selecting a listing agent, you should look for someone with whom you can easily interact and who shares your priorities. The agents at Chris Allen Realty prioritize getting their client’s home sold for top dollar, and in a timely manner.  Customer service, honesty, and open lines of communication are of the utmost importance to our agents.

Real estate professionals who focus on selling homes are known as listing agents. They will, among other things, hold viewings to highlight the real estate, advertise the real estate in print and online, bring you offers, assist you in negotiations with buyers, and close deals. Some homeowners choose to sell on their own, sometimes known as "for sale by owner," without a listing agent. However, homes sold with the help of a listing agent typically fetch 3 to 11 percent more than those sold "by the owner," according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the standard commission rate for agents is between 5 and 6 percent of the sale price.

A knowledgeable listing agent can make selling your home faster and easier by taking on the bulk of the work and generating more interest in your home's listing. Thanks to their access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a database of up-to-date listings for sale, they can draw in buyers and their agents. Their real estate industry connections and marketing expertise will also draw buyers to your home who ordinarily might pass it by without a second glance.

Although there is not a secret recipe for finding a great agent, there are things you can take to increase your chances. We will go over everything every buyer needs to consider when selecting a listing agent to assist them in their home hunt below, along with how to find that ideal agent. Here are a few home-selling tips:

Reviews from past clients:

Reviews are crucial in today's world since they promote interaction with businesses and, in this example, listing agents through fostering trust.

Finding an agent that is not worth meeting can also be done by reading reviews. It will be known if consumers had a horrible experience with a certain agent; it seems that people adore leaving negative reviews after a lousy encounter. It is fantastic because it encourages others to avoid making mistakes and hiring them. Look for negative reviews, mostly. The following are red flags to look for when reading negative reviews:

·       The customer reported feeling under pressure to sign a listing or buyer's agency agreement.

·       The agent pressured the buyer to submit an offer on real estate.

·       The agent either pushed the customer to accept a low offer or delayed too long to sell the home.

·       Lack of initiative or hustle on the agent's part.

·       The client's calls and texts were not returned by the representative promptly or at all.

·       The agent's efforts to negotiate a deal were fruitless.

·       The agent was not recommended by most

·       They were not good communicators

·       They did not ensure that all their client's requirements and desires were addressed during the process

·       They did not genuinely care about the client's interests and were only interested in the commission.

Unless they are showing a home, a professional listing agent should always be reachable for the clients at the touch of a button. Every day, customers have questions, and not being able to respond to them promptly can concern and stress customers out. Make sure they can listen well so that clients' needs and desires can be addressed.

Whether they are employed full- or part-time?

Sellers and purchasers of real estate deserve to work with a committed professional. It can be difficult to verify employment status because most part-time agents are unlikely to do so.

At Zillow, investigate the agent's sales history. A listing agent is active and is not doing it as a side business if they have closed at least 10 sales in the previous year. Try to contact the agency when it is open. A representative who is unresponsive after 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. working another job outside.

Part-time real estate brokers hold another job, which may prevent them from being available on certain days because of other responsibilities. An agent who works full-time will be more dedicated to marketing a home for both buyers and sellers; they will spend their time learning about the market to find their clients the ideal place to settle down and call home.

Part-time listing agents can be just as competent, but it is crucial to conduct thorough research before hiring anyone to ensure that they are a good fit and that your needs as a client will be satisfied.

Request identification:

Ensure your agent is properly licensed in your state, as agents have formal certificates and specializations. You can also request to examine a list of previous transactions made by a person to see what kinds of properties and geographic locations they have expertise in. This will give you an idea of their level of experience.

You will need a person familiar with the specifics of the neighborhood market where you are buying or selling. Additionally, having a buyer or seller that is located close by can be advantageous. Within reason, I would pick a local, but it need not be someone who resides in that subdivision, adds Carr. Your agent may not be available for last-minute shows if they are several hours away.

However, there are three more general titles you frequently hear: listing agent, Realtor, and a broker. Some professions are specialized to work with seniors over the age of 50 (Seniors Real Estate Specialist) or to relocate military members (Military Relocation Professional).

Listing agent: A listing agent is someone who is authorized to help people buy or sell residential or commercial real estate. State governments issue real estate licenses, which come with several conditions.

Realtor: A Realtor is a real estate professional who is a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). In addition to paying an application fee, agents must be engaged in the real estate industry, be free of any formal complaints against them, have no open bankruptcies, and pay annual NAR dues. The NAR also offers a wide range of additional specialties.

Broker: A broker is a licensed listing agent who has completed further training in the state where they are allowed to work; they frequently run or manage real estate firms. Despite the independence of brokers, all agents are required to submit reports to brokers.

Obtain recommendations from relatives and friends:

Your personal network of friends and relatives is a reliable source for listing agent recommendations. Having someone suggest to you in the direction of an agent they had a pleasant, successful experience with is important when faced with a limitless number of possibilities.

Pay notice to the listing agents who went above and above and left an impression in addition to delivering excellent service throughout the home-buying process. 91% of buyers surveyed by the NAR said they would rehire or refer their agent to others.

You can read internet evaluations for neighborhood agents, but you should treat them cautiously. There is a positive bias since "almost all of those reviews are provided indirectly by the agents themselves," claims Brobeck.

A fantastic marketing tactic for selling a home is to peek at an agent's social media presence. According to Karin Car, a certified Realtor, and the CEO of Georgia Coast Homes, "You can get a decent feel about somebody based on the type of things that they're publishing on Facebook and Instagram and decide whether or not that's somebody that you would actually entrust with your very significant assets."

Examine their market knowledge and experience:

According to Allison Bernstein, "An agent's obligation is to know the entire market cold," and they must conduct the necessary investigation and education on anything that may or may not be related to the client's demands and preferences before the meeting—not during the meeting. The perfect agent should be aware of market comps, pricing trends, and everything currently on the market. If they cannot provide in-depth market insight, the client is not getting value.

Listing agents are recommended to offer verifiable proof of their knowledge of and research into the market by Julie Dawson Williams Realtors. Avoid agents that immediately agree with your asking price without providing the market study to back it up. A genuine real estate expert gives sellers a breakdown of comparable sales and homes that are now for sale and will compete with your home. They can help you choose the most advantageous pricing location for your home.

In areas where coop boards and municipal regulations control a substantial portion of real estate transactions, having an experienced agent is crucial. In fiercely competitive places like San Francisco or New York, you will want an agent who is well familiar with the area where you plan to shop. According to Sheila Richter of Warburg Realty, "If you are a buyer, it is crucial to know how well the agent knows the neighborhoods that you are interested in."


The correct personality match is a significant factor in why it is crucial to meet and interview several listing agents before selecting one to deal with. According to Brobeck, there is a benefit to conducting a face-to-face interview rather than a phone interview. "You'll be shelling out a lot of cash for them. Trusting your agent and believing you can rely on them in times of need is crucial. I will look for someone else if they do not make the time for a personal interview.

The appropriate agent can also guide you through the emotional aspects of buying a home. This transaction may be highly stressful. Especially if you have never done it before, a lot of money will be exchanged. Here is the summary of 5 must-know home selling tips about your listing agent:

Analyze the agent's reviews and area of interest:

You ought to have faith that your listing agent is putting your interests first. It would be best if you analyzed their past reviews for this purpose. Agents from the same brokerage have occasionally worked on opposing sides of transactions. This increases the possibility that the agent will not get you the best deal. To be sure, quickly compare lenders and repair businesses.

Work style:

Some agents like to work alone, while others prefer to collaborate in teams. They both have benefits and drawbacks. A lone realtor may offer more individualized service but may also be preoccupied with managing other clients. You may interact with many agents on the same transaction, but a team of agents may offer greater knowledge and availability.


You can determine a realtor's knowledge and experience by looking at one of the many real estate certificates and distinctions offered by the National Association of Realtors and its associate organizations. As an illustration, the Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) offers the agent information, training, and opportunities for skill development to assist them do their duties more effectively.

Recommendation by friends and family:

In the end, getting a recommendation for a great listing agent from someone who has worked with them directly is the greatest option. Ask your new company for a referral or start with a listing agent review site (like Zillow, Yelp, or even Google) to uncover prospects if you are moving and are not well connected in your new location.


This goes beyond merely having years of experience. A successful and smooth transaction is often aided by having an agent knowledgeable about your neighborhood and the sort of home you are selling. You would want an agent with substantial experience in those situations, for instance, if you were a first-time seller or were listing a condominium.

Finding a competent listing agent also requires having strong marketing abilities, particularly in today's world of technology and digital media. You need a listing agent who understands how to use compelling written descriptions, images, and videos to make an excellent first impression online.


As you begin to ponder the possibility of selling your home, we hope you will take all of the above items into consideration as you choose the best agent for the job.  Give us a call for a free market valuation of your home, and to learn more about the many ways our brokerage goes above and beyond for our clients!

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